Why JAV SUZUKI refused allie sin to beauty?

The Milan midfielder Keisuke wandering in the movie star people of Japanese descent (Jav), ANRI Sugihara invited "goal". But SUZUKI still resolutely ignored, although Sugihara asked what a hero. So there are 73 field jackets, Japan by phone AI beauty?
Sugihara invited SUZUKI "goal"

Reluctant to recommend
A few days ago, there are rumors of Everton and Tottenham Keisuke to leave Milan. But he can't transfer rumors. "Hot" movie star Jav ANRI Sugihara wants to let the mind wander. Sugihara just public outpouring of love money guard table 2929 year old wrote the phone 73 times after Japan's coat.

spanking mf

Tell you love Japan SUZUKI Sugihara phone, which is your favorite hero. Puff at the age of 33 announced that you are willing to do anything, as long as you can roam.
No other Sugihara say "please open the frame to become SUZUKI in the course of the goal." Some people think that this is indecent proposal. However, some people say that this is just to give advice very reluctantly. Not just because the Sugihara star is in the model of Jav in the voice of sakura.
Love iron pot
Honda motor industry suggested above completely ignored sugihara. You participate in the competition has been concentrated at the beginning of the new season, or you shy daughter 4 years old son than the distance here?
SUZUKI was loyal to Misako.
Sources close to the SUZUKI Gazzetta dello Sport revealed in tension to say no Sugihara sexy star of Milan. A simple model, because SUZUKI is not the star family. You are a family of people.
Only one kind of love to your wife, misako. Misako is SUZUKI's first love, you sure you have the second love.
She fell in love with him, they were in high school in the city of Jinze city. When they got married in 2008, SUZUKI was 22 years old. At that time, SUZUKI was playing small club VVV Holland - Venlo.


Later, Honda motor become a big star CSKA Moscow, then transferred to the pillar of Milan, became Japan's call. I always thought the money can not change you, will never change to his wife".
Honda motor industry is still happy around you, my wife is very simple. Misako to take care of her husband, only care about you, care about you, like many other famous wag. People hardly know the information, Misako, in addition to details of your kindergarten teacher.
Dream burning
Love is the SUZUKI Misako and the iron gate, there is a very large power can be immune to all AI beauty. This is a dream and success of the burning ball is round.
In 1999, when SUZUKI went to the thirteen year old, the teacher wrote the article, the theme of "my dream". You write very clearly: "grow up, I want to become the best player in the world. No, I will become the best player in the world. In order to achieve this, I will all the other people to try harder.
To become the best player in the world, I want to be rich and serve the parents. I will be in the world cup, famous number 10, a club jacket, I want to earn 400 million yen in the year Serie A. (equivalent exchange rate 30,7 million euros in 1999 - PV notes).
I want to call, Japan and Brazil in the world cup final."
SUZUKI has a lot of reality and in "old dream," No. 10 jacket in Milan, become famous and rich (Digital dreams although pay 27 million euros / year, there is no comparison that 30,7 million euros), but there are still many things you need to realize this temptation so. The Sugihara does not interfere with your legs.
Strong city, such as SUZUKI
Like SUZUKI, Shinji, star quarterback Jav Ameri, Ichinose's charm. The former star M. before and after Natsuki Margaret still love girl.


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