Secrets in the dialogue between the dwarf sex sister and her husband announced

Today some of his family lives south almost overturning because new facts he claimed not long ago. About it, others excited, have not served and not served with some people in the Autumn - her second daughter. 

Contemplation and thought, even without taking the husband's assets, but income still feel indignant at his unexpected decision Nam. Ever, did not speak to the neighbor who knew the couple Quang and Hoa - son and Jav Hong Kong daughter in law both the South nor receive his business, just hang out, the children also rely on grandparents all. Yet a sudden he always Quang Nam share a piece of land 120 square meters with 300 million of cash as working capital.

Autumn slowly bending every word as to probe the reaction of the husband declared, "I had overheard a conversation between father and sister States. I know father have difficulty speaking. Children love to hear announced share to resolve ".

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Men bowed his pensive face and looked far into the yard. Perhaps because of the filial piety of Income from the bride to do now, he did not hesitate to believe that clearance so comfortable. It turns out that States have learned the secret recesses of dads husband. 

He told the young had a love affair with the girl highlands, also swore sea and considering the small appointments hundred years but one doubts later time back home he received news that the girl had been washed away. Men suffering with his burden off affair. 2 years later, it is a matchmaker and marry Loan. Despite being married before but his love for his wife now also deep gratitude, not for 35 years to his wife and children to misery.

1 years ago he accidentally met the old and learned the truth that day mountainous girls already have children with him. After the accident, she wandered into the city and find the family he had. Not to his dilemma, she silently raising children alone for now. Still no feelings of love-old lad but he still wants South partly offset for their mother. No doubt he was US Men caught in once to the "old" and she has investigated the things, callously using it as a weapon to satisfy greed. 

From Day Loan, South strokes his wife sit around, he did not have much time to work up the most traffic to Vinh, the second son. But strange is that in the past the division of property is never mentioned again Vinh name. 

1 week later, when things had gradually subsided, while the face of temporary expressed satisfaction with each other, Thu accidentally learned the horrifying truth behind his father's sudden decision husband. 

That day her husband brought Loan Vinh health checked. Afterward, Vinh company and his mother was in the hospital awaiting results Thu. Near noon, Loan said'd had a few things you should play and forget the past thanks Thu taken home. No doubt this is an opportunity to remove the doubts in her all along.

Moderate to door, talking loud voice from the backyard doing Thu attention. She went inside and saw Chinese - her sister shrill: "He knows the business now and know how difficult. With little capital to announce, we could not manage anything. Or ... announced franchise company for his son Quang go home. Such restatements more time to care for her. " Stop for a moment she looked at him with eyes very strange Men then sneered: "Well Dad can take what own mother, father, right?". 

He seemed irritated Men looked straight face seal and trenchant: "You too much already. 200 million more, no, nothing at all. " He said, then walked away. United still managed to say expectations by: "Dad thought carefully go, I'm not sure where I would not slip." Later that day, the more excited the curiosity to find out for collection the truth.

Several days passed, every gesture, word of two of them in conversation that day in early autumn haunted Instead of wild speculation she decided to risk asking him straight South. And so she quickly found a good opportunity to open the published word with her husband. Thu shyly: "Daddy, I have this long questions that could not talk to dad. But because the company thought about, worried for his family so I had ventured, nothing if not ignore me, please dad ". Mr. Nam smiled openly signaled for second daughter continues. 

Because he was afraid she Loan is sickness will not bear this shock, because he was afraid life happy family turned upside down, because he feared his career for so long he edification broken, so he resigned himself agreeable to alcohol.

Deep-set eyes look old contains concerns, Thu clearly feel the sorrow, where deep concern husband's heart, her father. She saw him more sympathy. But now Thu KNOWS best of both worlds?

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