In patients with hepatitis B menu

Here are some suggestions about dishes you should use for your daily menu to improve hepatitis B. 

Porridge pennywort 

Ingredients: 100 grams Movie Sex of fresh pennywort, 50 grams of green beans, 50 grams of rice. 

Method: Bring pennywort come washed and chopped. Rice and green beans washed bring and place in water and then with a sufficient amount. Then for pennywort the pot to boil for a few minutes. 

Usage: Usually used to eat when hungry with salt or sugar. 

Use: Helps heat and detoxification. Used with people with acute hepatitis B. 

Red apple soup cooked with peanuts 

Ingredients: 30 grams of red apples, peanuts 30 grams, 30 grams of sugar candy.

Directions: Peanut in a clay pot, add water and simmer for 20 minutes. Red apples bring seeded pot and place in which to share with peanuts security further 20 minutes. Then the candy in, security to five minutes can be used. 

How to use: Eat every night before going to bed. Eat continuously for 30 days to see the effect. 

Use: Helps information useful spleen, decontamination and low resolution, usually used for patients with acute, chronic and cirrhosis. 

Egg soup cooked with red apple and fussy

Ingredients: 30 grams of goji question, 20 grams of red apples, 2 eggs, 300ml of water. 

Method: Boil the eggs cooked and peeled. The pot with water, the red line and the characters, cook until sugar dissolves. 

Hepatitis B, hepatitis B Causes, Treatment of chronic hepatitis B

Use: After cooking, then divide them into two parts. Just back from two days to eat once removed. This menu can be used multiple times. 

Brown rice porridge cooked with Sea Cucumber 

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Ingredients: 80 grams brown rice, 40 grams of cucumber, 40 grams of chrysanthemum (can use broccoli instead), 8 red apples. 

Method: Brown rice washed taken. Soft sea cucumbers soaked. Chrysanthemum (or broccoli) taken away washed, chopped and drained. Bring red apples washed and seeded. Brought into porridge cooked brown rice are tender, then the material was prepared for the pot, then add water and let the small fire within minutes. 

Usage: Get out to eat when hungry.

Effect: dish filled with nutrients for hepatitis B is suitable for chronic diseases. When the body is depression and poor sleep can eat take out very good use. 

Boneless Pork soup cooked with Straw Mushrooms 

Ingredients: 200 grams of fresh mushrooms, 200 grams of pork. 

Method: Bring pork washed and cut into bite size pieces. So fresh mushrooms, washed and sliced. Remove pork with mushrooms in a pot of soil generally, to add water to simmer until soft cooked lean meat. Add spices just mouth is edible. 

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Usage: Used in the meal with the family. 

Effect: With this dish, the patient will be negative net investment position apples and complementary events spleen, very good for people with chronic hepatitis B. 

Porridge tomato, celery, carrot

Tomatoes washed, diced, chopped parsley washed, chopped carrots washed (each equal). For all into the pot cooked, spice tasting. 

Hepatitis B, hepatitis B Causes, Treatment of hepatitis B 

Porridge's ceiling 

's high ceiling 50g, 100g rice, white sugar enough. 600ml water for human use color in a 30-minute hearing. The trio get water poured into the pot, the rice in, small fire stew into soup, add sugar, mix well to eat. 

This helps heat porridge detoxification, low benefits, quit the prince, suitable for people with hepatitis acute infectious jaundice, urinary difficulty, urinary retention.

Each disease has its own menu to support treatment, hepatitis B, too. These are dishes you can easily apply to your daily menu to take care of patients with hepatitis B.

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