Hugging husband cried when cum shots true the wife to take a shower after each "intimacy"

His wife pregnant, again with thai should you try my patience to Optical "love" throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Moon injured her husband, but also do not know how other than to encourage my husband to try to overcome. And after childbirth, the Moon will make it up to her husband.

Yue Ling felt someone opened the door, looked back then fear immensely when see's husband are presumptuous hugging like to cry. To know my husband has just witnessed the real thing or not, her sense of shame. She told her husband: "He's gone before you wipe the finished clothes, even going on later!". Optical quietly shut the door for his wife, and then go on. I'm really stunned, not understanding why his wife has just explained the orgasm and then, now, and act like that.

Moon go on. The couple sat on the sofa, in the bedroom lights flashing, decided to tell the truth to each other. Nguyet thanh minh slowly with her husband: "actually, I saw her after the birth seems to be apathetic. Because you don't you vập mallet found sense for themselves. I want you to do it gently and calmly so that I can go to the place. But truly I dare not tell you ... I'm sorry! ". To hear his wife say, understand it, not the Optical does not responsible for his wife but also see my wife know how much.

So your wife always pretend "Summit" to please the afternoon my husband, also her desires is concealed so alone. You know my wife must have been like, well see yourself as always just know selfish enjoy alone. Is man, his mission is to dedicate to his wife every second every minute so sweet in his love, so he ...

Of course, the Moon always remember his promise, also loves her husband so much should be 6 weeks after childbirth, Moon has proactively evoked her husband. Although his first love was born really very difficult for the woman with the stitches have not yet associated scarring, but because her husband's height, the Moon still trying. With her, just my husband feel satisfy, neutralizes the pumpkin encyclopedia is enough.

After the first time, fiber seems quite satisfied with life quilt pillow thoughts going back to the period of fullness. I take care of my wife more, always see your wife's beautiful, charming belly fat though still not good tha Moon which left off. But that doesn't matter, because he loves his wife and is ready to accept all the imperfections on the body of his wife. More it is because his wife gave birth to you the lovely angels.

Also feel it looks like my wife is also a stroll signs more comfortable after fellatio in the night. That's when two children asleep drunk, he "curious" to his wife to infuse each other tight. Expression of the wife in the near the close of making him believe he had rounded the Mission of a man. Often he will comfortably sink into sleep. Also his wife will take a bath and wash, because the Lunar capital is clean.

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Time and two of the couple's lifestyle lapse. Until one night, he suddenly awake waiting for his wife without sleep as usual. His wife still take showers that knows my husband in this still. Optical waited didn't see his wife on the Mainland, wearing clothes come out the bathroom to find my wife. But he's exhausting listening to moan lightly in the bathroom, closing the door, then they look dazed witnessed his wife is using the shower to meet alone.

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Optic gently embracing Lunar Lander on the Palm: "He who should be sorry. No, you selfish too so not recognize. I promise from now on will change, to deserve his wife's perfect mate! But my mission, is to truly guide you, okay, you fool?! ". Hear my husband say so, Yue happy to infinity. Rubbing her head on his chest, snuggle, injector leak and feel the love insurgent steeped. She understood now, things do not should, be shared to be heard.

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