Do you need a viral hemorrhagic fever free massage porn test to detect and treat early

Viral hemorrhagic fever outbreak in the city activities across the country in Hanoi, as of August 9, 2017, the city recorded 13.982 criminal cases, including 5 cases of death. The distribution of patients in the 3030 / social / 584 counties, 532 years, county, town, has let many people worry about getting sick a day.

Have a fever is a viral hemorrhagic fever specific, but the error may be caused by the test and diagnosis have a fever Risa Tachibana virus needs confirmation.

Hemorrhagic fever virus (sxh) signal is characterized by fever symptoms are very similar, this is a virus and have a fever should be early diagnosis, according to specific symptoms and your blood through the blood test will help find early the first day of bleeding have a fever have a fever, lead to disease diagnosis, effective risk monitoring from there, timely treatment of these the complications of the disease.
Page 41 of 535 years of experience. Zheng Yu - infectious TS specialist hospital, medlatec hospital, the source of infection, the liver may be white, chairman of the Hanoi secret sharing need these tests to detect and treat early viral hemorrhagic fever effectively, including:
1. Your blood test
Set check analysis: because blood disease sxh can lead to a reduction in the number of white blood cells and platelets often reduced. Therefore, the number of white blood cells, platelets and hematocrit analysis of blood test to help assess the risk of bleeding and blood concentration.

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Dengue NS1 / AB combined test set: simultaneously detect and distinguish between antibody and antigen of IgM, IgG and NS1 in the same serum / plasma samples.
NS1 antigen can virus detection in the blood of patients infected with dengue from the first day to IgM antibody positive ninth days from fourth to fifth, have a fever, virus infection of dengue in the first IgG antibody appeared in 10 - 14 days, for many years there may, in the case of viral infection dengue antibody increased IgG second days later, in the 20 days of symptoms and IgM sxh to create a response after virus infection.
The sensitivity and specificity of dengue + NS1 (sensitivity and specificity of 98,4 (%), 92,4%)
The sensitivity and specificity of dengue + IgM (sensitivity and specificity of 94,2 (%), 96,4%)
The modern testing system to aid in the diagnosis of viral hemorrhagic fever have a fever from the first day.

The test set dengue realtime virus in Russia today - PCR method: allows the definition of the existence of dengue RNA virus in the blood from the first day of sxh no typical clinical manifestations of sxh, the patient was found to have a number of thrombocytopenia. At this time, to find the method of serological test of NS1 antigen, IgM antibody may not have found the presence of the virus in the in vivo. This technique has the specificity is 100%, sensitivity is 95%; you used dengue virus type nested - PCR realtime - PCR reaction after Russia today has positive specificity and sensitivity of vius was 100%, dengue 94% is type 1, type 2 and 93% for vius dengue and 100% vius dengue 340.
Set the electrolytic test chart (Na +, K +, CL -): evaluation of electrolytic disorder.
Excellent detection of liver function (ALT, AST, GGT), liver function test, damage assessment and complications of viral hemorrhagic fever.
The test set: in the albumin dengue exit status fever bleeding, plasma can occur, so this experiment soon help identify and track the status of the process, increase the permeability of the wall.
Set the test of renal function (urea, creatinine, cystatin, C, microalbumin: urinary) assessment of renal function and early renal damage state is viral hemorrhagic fever complications.
Set CRP test status: assessment of inflammation, help differential diagnosis and assessment of the cause have a fever reason, the infectious fever

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