Fashion company Ivanka Trump under allysin chaynes pressure to cooperate with Chinese factory

The fashion company of Ivanka Trump is under pressure to quit the cooperation with a shoe factory in China, now that the Chinese authorities have picked up an activist who investigated working conditions in the Exotic xxx company. Two other activists have disappeared smoothly.

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The issue was for the Democratic Party to question the commercial interests of the President Trump family in China. According to spokeswoman Adrienne Watson of the Democratic National Committee, Ivanka Trump has to choose "whether she can overcome an apparent attempt by the Chinese government to stop labor investigation investigations".

The activists worked for an American nonprofit organization to compile a report on underpayment, excessive workload and possible abuse of students who were trained. The organization, China Labor Watch, has been reporting for years of poor working conditions at Chinese factories that produce some of the world's best-known brands. However, according to Li Qiang director, Chinese security services have been increasingly jav mom harder against nonprofit organizations that arise for the rights of workers.

The Chinese authorities are increasingly worried about the stability of the Communist Party, as economic growth sticks and labor unrest increases. In particular, in the industrial areas in the south of the country, the authorities act hard. Human rights groups report disappearances, cases of abuse by the police and deportations to the countryside. China: most of its products originate from the country. Recently, Jared Kushner's sister, Ivanka Trump's husband, also traveled to China in the hope of finding investors interested in a real estate project of the Kushners in New Jersey.

Those commercial interests involve human rights organizations. According to Amnesty International's Nicholas Bequelin, the question arises as to the extent to which Washington's business interests prevail over propagating human rights, fair working conditions and democracy. Amnesty called on the White House to force China to release the three activists. But White House spokeswoman Hick Hope referred to jav son all questions about the matter to Ivanka Trump's company.

According to his wife, the arrested activist, Hua Haifeng, is accused of using illegal methods in the investigation of working conditions at the Huajian Group's plants in Ganzhou and Dongguan. One of the disappeared activists worked undercover at the Ganzhou branch where Ivanka Trump model shoes are produced.

According to the activists, workers in the factories had to make excessive long days, sometimes even at 18 o'clock. Also, less than the minimum wage was paid and students who attended an internship were forced to perform work, even though they were not entirely related to their studies.

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