"European Parliament must monitor amateur allure better parliamentary expenses spending expenses"

The European Parliament is insufficiently in control of the European Parliament members spending their expenses. That's what Knack's journalist Kristof Clerix says in "The appointment". He participated in an international inquiry into these fees.

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4,342 euros: as much as possible, every Member of the European Parliament can spend on expenses every month, on top of their salary of 8,484 euro gross and daily allowances. That's a lump sum, but still they have to keep up to certain rules to spend it. Only negligible monitoring of compliance with these rules appears, so Kristof Clerix discovered Knack.

He participated in the international research The MEPs Project which examines these expenses and has come up with some striking conclusions about the Belgian MEPs.

"European parliamentarians can spend their expenses on hiring an office, office supplies, magazine subscriptions, administration and so on," says Clerix tonight in "The appointment". "As long as the expenses are done in the jav daddyjav Lesbians context of their function, it's ok."

Hire at the own party

The investigation shows that many European parliamentarians spend the majority of their expenses on the rent of an office. Although every parliamentarian has an office in the European Parliament in Brussels and in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, some still want to rent one or more other offices.

"We asked all 21 Belgian MEPs at their offices and 9 of them do not appear to rent any additional offices, which immediately raises the question they spend on their monthly expenses of 4,342 euros."

"Three MPs appear to hire an office in their own premises: Kathleen Van Brempt (SP.A), Maria Arena (PS) and Philippe jav Milf Lamberts (Ecolo). The European Parliament allows this as long as those offices are closed and gangbang The parliamentarians use them for their function, and this is the case with party financing. "

"I visited those three offices and had to find out that it was about open offices they shared with others and without a name tag. When I informed Van Brempt about this, she moved alarmed to the European Parliament, but it was reassured that she had no rules The rules are thus adjusted à la tête du client. "

The spending pattern of Gerolf Annemans (Flemish Importance) is also an interesting case. "He confirms he is hiring 2 offices in Brussels, good for a total rental price of 3,700 euros a month. Based on our data, no other European Parliament member has such expensive offices."

39 million euros of public money

"This research proves that the European Parliament must better monitor its members' expenses," Clerix said. "Every year, 39 million euros pay public money on these fees. This includes rules, but any form of control is missing."


"Some European Parliamentarians want clearer rules and more control, but parliamentary government is opposed to it. More than a year ago, the plenary voted for a resolution calling for clearer rules. It took 13 months for the board Asks. "

Guy Verhofstadt

Remarkably, finally: on April 27, the European Parliament voted on a amendment by the Green Group calling for clearer rules, a separate bank account for expenses and so on.

All Belgian MEPs voted in favor of this amendment or for parts thereof. Only 1 among them voted against: Guy Verhofstadt (Open VLD). His party claims that he is the leader of the liberal ALDE group and that he should vote in line with the line that the majority of his group has laid down.


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